30,000 facial measurements.

During an era of distancing and safety concerns for medical professionals, Topology set out to create a platform on which to allow opticians and patients to deal with eye care more safely. We successfully built the technology that allows for more-accurate-than-in-person facial measurements using TrueDepth scans.

‘Adjustment’ testing scenarios

One of the primary goals of this project, was to validate the process of adjusting the points that the Machine Learning assumed during the facial scan. Under normal circumstances, this would be pretty straight forward. Unfortunately, however, half of the product was hidden behind the HIPAA firewall, and in-person testing wasn’t an option.

The flow was primarily taken from the Optician-facing product, and needed to be shifted in to a consumer-friendly application. Testing results sent us down a path of revisiting verbiage, iconography, and adding proper instructions.

Without having the ability to launch TestFlight builds to feed in to a platform like Validately or and have them source testers for us, and build tests in a proper environment, the best option turned out to be self-recruiting the panel, and presenting screen flows via Zoom. While I can’t show you the proper test files, you can get a rough idea of the interactions below.

Whitelabeled Scan

Interaction experiments