What’s in a process?

Or, cognition as a craft.

So, funny story.

I actually started writing my preferred "process" out, and ended up scope-creeping the absolute shit out of myself, and realized it was turning in to an actual book. It was far too expansive to be called a "summary" of... anything. As such, I opted to continue the writeup of product process in book form, as apposed to just dumbing it down for the sake of a personal website. Guess we'll have to settle for an actual conversation for now.

I'm hoping to be done with it and have it self-published by Spring 2021, and it will be free in PDF and EPUB format. If you'd like to stay updated about this project, fill out my Typeform.

Here's a preview of the chapters, as they stand currently:

  1. Prelude
  1. Discovery
  2. Research
  3. Regroup
  4. Planning
  1. Design+Eng: Sitemaps
  2. Design: User Stories
  3. Design: Wireframes
  4. Eng: Scoping
  5. Eng: Enviroment setup
  6. Design: User Research, part 1
  7. Eng: Architecture
  8. Design: User Research, part 2
  9. Design: High-fidelity UI
  10. Design: User Research, part 3
  11. Eng: Back-end development
  12. Design: Interaction & animations
  13. Eng: Front-end development
  14. Design: User Research, part 4
  15. Eng: Stability and penetration testing
  16. Design+Eng: Launch
  17. Eng: Support
  1. Design: Support
  2. Eng: Support
  3. Everyone: Conceptualizing the next iteration