Robert Haverly

Design leadership &
product experience

I’m a multi-disciplinary creative, design thinker, and technologist. Over the course of my 20 year career as a design professional, I've lead teams at enterprise tech companies such as PayPal, as well as holding numerous principal and individual contributor roles at agencies and startups around the country. While my main focus has been on native mobile experiences since 2008, I'm interested in working on anything that helps connect people to each-other, and to information.

As a skeptical technologist who grew up in the era of IRC servers and telnet, my interests tend to revolve around privacy, data autonomy, information security, decentralized infrastructure, the reasonable right to anonymity, and ensuring that the technology I work on is focused on using design thinking and UX to help improve the lives of real humans through user testing, research, and support.

Outside of tech, my time is typically spent putting energy in to things such as human rights, open-source initiatives, equality and inclusivity, natural medicines, creative culture, experimental art, world travel, sound design, architecture, and experiential design. There's also a fair bit of abstract oil and acrylic painting, vintage motorcycle building, rugby, and solo off-grid exploration sprinkled in there as well.


Principle Designer, Mobile, 2020

During an era of distancing and safety concerns for medical professionals, Topology set out to create a platform on which to allow opticians and patients to deal with eyecare more safely. We successfully built the technology that allows for more-accurate-than-in-person facial measurements using TrueDepth scans.

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Design Lead, iOS & Android, 2019

Twenty is a geolocation-centric social platform, intended to bring humans together in the real world, when they're near each other. Being very low-friction, the goal is to create everything from quick, ad-hoc coffee grabbing with a nearby friend, to full blown scheduled events with and invited and drop-in participants.

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Design Director, 2018

Looplist was a social-first, low-friction shopping platform. We used complex artificial intelligence and machine learning, to create a very personalized and tailored recommendation engine that was then presented through a very visual and interactive mobile app. It included finding, sharing, collecting and liking products, purchasing products, and adding your own products.

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Creative Director, Contract, 2017

Mustbin was a hyper-secure storage solution for your mobile life. It's goals were privacy, security, and cloud-based storage. Mustbin has since been acquired by Lifesite, and the technology and UX has been rolled in to their flagship product.

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PayPal Here 2.0

UI Lead, Mobile, 2016

PayPal’s mobile credit card payment and POS system, PaPal Here was their response to Square. It was a complex and challenging but very fun project with a fantastic team. This is the second iteration of that product.

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PayPal Here

UI Lead, Mobile, 2016

PayPal’s mobile credit card payment and POS system, PaPal Here was their response to Square.

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