My name is Robert Haverly

I’m a mobile focused user experience advocator, product designer, and creative director from Burlington Vermont. I'm currently enjoying life in Boulder Colorado, after a decade or so of exploring startups and agencies in Burlington, Boston, Fort Collins, Santa Cruz, Austin, and San Fransisco. I work with big and small companies, but I'm notably addicted to start-up culture and bringing new products to market.

Some of the companies I’ve had the pleasuring of working with, include YouTube, Google, Artifact, PayPal, Octopus Creative, Siberia, Method, OneID, Education First, and eight billion more (give or take).

Work, you say?

You're best off finding my work on my rarely updated Dribbble profile, or just asking me for a deck. I don't blog, and I never have time to update things like portfolios or LinkedIn profiles. You could also follow me on Instagram maybe - I take pictures once in a while.